Alejandra Seeber (b. 1969 in Buenos Aires) lives and works in New York.  She has been the subject of solo and group exhibitions internationally, including at the Fundación Proa in Buenos Aires, Artemisa Gallery in New York, Hausler Contemporary in Munich and Zurich, and Barro in Buenos Aires. Her work was featured in the 7th Bienal do Merocsul (2009) in Porto Alegre and in S-files (2003) at El Museo del Barrio in New York. Her work has also been featured in museum group exhibitions internationally, including at the Kunst Museum of Saint Gallen in Switzerland, the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, as well as the MALBA – Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires.


Alejandra Seeber's complex and multilayered work focuses on the reinterpretation of everyday subjects through spontaneous painterly gestures. Oftentimes, these gestures overlap repetitively causing figurative elements to unexpectedly emerge from abstract-expressionist images. She employs layered complications that distort the senses and invoke a contemplative experience. While Seeber’s work is purely abstract, the organic free flowing patterns and symbols are redolent of landscapes. The initial sense of light heartedness, thus conveyed by her pictures gives way to a more conceptual framework that is indicative of the human condition. 


2 March 2017
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28 February 2017
28 February 2017
27 February 2017
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26 February 2017
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21 February 2017
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21 February 2017
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21 February 2017
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