Eduardo Hoffmann abstract paintings propose the spectator an experience of visual vertigo. Patches, splashes, brushes, textures and colors transform the painting in a fabulous random game of gestures and surfaces. Beneath the accidents, the cumulate strata, there’s something else apart from Hoffmann’s compulsive attitude, plunging, sparing no expense nor gestures into the creative moment: it’s sense.

Hoffmann studied in Mendoza with Zravko Ducmetic and in Paris with Julio Le Parc. Since 1988, he has made solo exhibitions in Argentina, USA, Brazil, Spain, Lebanon, Morocco, Brussels and France. He has participated in fairs word-wide and has had his work auctioned in Sotheby’s and Phillips de Pury. He has also showcased in Museums like the Contemporary Art Museum in Beijing (MOCA), Museo Killka and Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, in Argentina. He lives and works in Argentina.


El Vacio Perfecto - Eduardo Hoffmann

Por Fabián Lebenglik

Profeta en su tierra
Profeta en su tierra
Un soporte muy especial
Eduardo Hoffman rinde tributo a diferentes grandes artistas
La pintura como exceso
Siete veces Hoffmann