Photographer and visual artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1969). In her 25- year career, she has used photography as a means to raise awareness. Her art projects reflect her concern for the wellbeing of the universe and the preservation of nature and the planet.

She has produced and taken part in different solo and collective exhibitions in countries around the world, including Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, the US, Russia, China and Japan.

La Diablada (Dance of the Demons) (2017), a production inspired by the Carnival rituals and the Andean traditions.
Creer para Ver, (Believe to See) started in 2016, still in process. A multidisciplinary project that spreads the voice of 12 spiritual leaders of different beliefs, philosophies and cultures from around the world, supported by ONU. Divina Belleza (Divine Beauty) (2015), thirteen portraits of girls representing different aspects of beauty, in a photo essay that deals with the theme of Sacred Geometry.

Estados de Conciencia (States of Consciousness) (2013), a series of dream-like photographs that explore the different stages in the quest for self- discovery. (2014) Publication of her second book, Estados de Conciencia.
Uno (One) (2011), a series of photographs inspired by the idea of ‘oneness’ and the fusion of man and nature.

La Basura no es Basura (Rubish is not Rubbish) (2010)
Huella Ecológica (Ecological Footprint) (2009)
Both projects were carried out in association with Fundación Azara and dealt with the ecological imbalance on our planet.
Aves del Paraíso (Paradise Birds) (2008), a visual metaphor in which humans merge with birds. The book is a call to action on environmental issues that are leading to the extinction of so many species.
Heroínas (Heroines) (2000), inspired by renowned women, some unrecognized as heroines in Argentinian history.
Huellas (Traces) (1999), photographs that highlight the identity of native Argentinian women, with the support of the United Nations.


2019 La Diablada at the Museum of Multimedia Art of Moscow (Mamm) within the 11th Moscow International Biennial of Contemporary Art "Fashion and Style in Photography”.
2017 La Diablada, Individual Exhibition, Centro Cultural Kirchner (CCK).
2017 The Reform of Consciousness, collective exhibition, Collective 62, Miami . 2017 Estados de Conciencia, Vera World Fine Art Festival, Moscow, Russia.
2016 Collective Exhibition, Galería Arte x Arte, Buenos Aires.
2016 Estados de Conciencia, IDB Staff Association Art Gallery, Washington DC, United States.
2016 Estados de Conciencia, 220 Cultura Contemporánea, Córdoba, Argentina. 2015 Estados de Conciencia, Museo Eduardo Sívori, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2015 Divina Belleza, Studio 488 Gallery, Buenos Aires Photo, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2014 Notes on Estados de Conciencia, Bubble Studios. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2014 Uno, Buenos Aires Photo, Centro Cultural Recoleta. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2014 Huella Ecológica 2, Bioparque Temaikén. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2012 Aves del Paraíso, Darwin Museum. Moscow, Russia.
2011 Aves del Paraíso, Galería Agalma, ArteBA, La Rural, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2011 Uno, Galería Rolf Art, Buenos Aires Photo, Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2011 Huella Ecológica 2, Ecocentro, Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Argentina.
2010 Huella Ecológica 2, Bubble Studios. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2010 Aves del Paraíso, Museo de Chascomús. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2007 Aves del Paraíso, in progress, Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales “Bernardino Rivadavia”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2006 Fundación Huésped – Músicos, Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2005 Fundación Huésped/Celebrities 2, Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA), Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2004 Fundación Huésped/Niños, Centro Cultural Recoleta. Buenos Aires, Arg. 2002 Julio Bocca, Broward Center of Performing Art, Miami, Florida, United States. 2002 Julio Bocca, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2002 Julio Bocca, Art Basel, Miami, Florida, United States.
2001 Heroínas, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2001 Heroínas, Broward Center of Performing Art, Miami, Florida, United States. 2000 Huellas, Broward Center of Performing Art, Miami, Florida, United States. 2000 Huellas, Art Miami, Chelsea Gallery and Jackie Gleason Theater, Miami, Florida, United States.


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