Martin Pelenur was born 1977 in Montevideo, Uruguay and studied at the Contemporary Art Foundation. Pelenur's work has been exhibited across Uruguay, Argentina, Berlin, and the United States. He has been the subject of international solo and group exhibitions including at the Muso de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires, Fundacion Art Nexus in Bogota, El Museo Figari in Montevideo, Artemisa Gallery in New York, and Fundacion Sayago & Pardon in Los Angeles. Pelenur has been the recipient of numerous awards including The Proyecto Bitácora from the Secretary of Culture and Education in Uruguay (2015), The FEFCA Scholarship from the Uruguayan Ministry of Culture and Education (2012), The Paul Cezanne Award at the Alliance Francoise in Montevideo (2011), and The Goethe Instituted Scholarship in Berlin (2010). The artist currently lives and works in La Barra, Maldonado, Uruguay.


Martin Pelenur's work manifests itself in the artist's use of paint and synthetic mediums on paper. Pelenur's paintings rely heavily on the chemical reactions between each material the artist uses. Intricate patterns of lines and geometric forms emerge to emulate the delicate nature of human thought . 


Martin Pelenur
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