Born in 1977, Luciana Levinton is a visual artist and architect who lives and works in Buenos Aires. She graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, FADU UBA in 2004. She has been the recipient of awards from the National Salon Fundacion Banco Nacion Argentina (2015), Central Society of Architects (2008, 2006), and the Borges Cultural Center (2005).


Architecture lies at the root of Luciana Levinton's practice. Levinton sketches facades, delineates floor plans, blurs interiors, and decontextualizes architectural elements to recreate precise figurations of architecture full of energy and life. The urban landscape comes alive in her paintings and collage works through strident combinations of short and long brushstrokes that create phantom-like images of what can be identified as buildings, though not yet fully defined. Infused with dynamic perspective and vibrant color, Levinton's spaces entice viewers into a place of heightened anticipation and imagination. 



Sentir la Arquitectura
Luciana Levinton en el MNAD "El Mundo Interior"
Luciana Levinton: En el MNAD Arte de la mano de la arquitectura
La Nacion, Buenos Aires
26 June 2015
Luciana Levinton by Monica Ottino
16 April 2015
Saatchi Award