EN DIÁLOGO: Cecilia Biagini, Luciana Levinton & Valeria Vilar

Curated by Samantha Coven

October 29 – December 6, 2020

Artemisa Gallery is proud to present En Dialogo: Cecilia Biagini, Luciana Levinton, Valeria Vilar an online exhibition co-curated with Samantha Coven. En Dialogo highlights three Argentinian female artists who explore the nuances of abstraction. Coming from varying backgrounds and professions in music, architecture, and storytelling, Cecilia Biagini, Luciana Levinton, and Valeria Vilar each create a unique visual language to decompose their respective areas of expertise and inspiration.


In her abstract paintings and sculptural work, Cecilia Biagini alludes to music, improvisational dance, oscillation, and repetition. Color-infused and jazz inspired, Cecilia’s paintings evoke the dynamism of Futurism while drawing from the language of Color Field Painting. “In a pursuit to balance transformative symbiotic processes, sculpture and painting exchange form and color into an infinite space of obliteration and reconfiguration of their forms,” she says.


Luciana Levinton sketches facades, delineates floor plans, blurs interiors, and de-contextualizes architectural elements to recreate precise figurations of architecture full of energy and life. The urban landscape comes alive through strident combinations of short and long brushstrokes that create phantom-like images of what can be identified as buildings, though not yet fully defined. Infused with dynamic perspective and vibrant color, Levinton's spaces entice viewers into a place of heightened anticipation and imagination.


Valeria Vilar’s paintings and drawings conjure up a fantastical world that is both imaginative and elusive. Inspired by memories, children’s stories, fairy tales, and dreams, Vilar paints a fictional landscape where animals and story book characters roam and play freely. The characters take on a life of their own, dissolving into strokes of abstraction and re-appearing at times. Vilar’s lush gestures of paint and chalk engage a playful back and forth between fantasy and reality, leaving us to recompose our own stories and indulge the imagination.